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Barbados Snorkeling

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A major goal of our trips to the Caribbean is trying to squeeze in as much snorkeling time as possible. Our recent cruise included a stop in beautiful Barbados, so we were very excited to check out some of their shipwreck sites and swim with their famous sea turtles. I found the brilliantly bright turquoise waters of Barbados to […]

Stingray City Antigua

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Out of all the excursions we had planned on our recent Caribbean cruise, I think the one we were most excited about was our visit to Stingray City in Antigua.   Us ZOO folks are big animal lovers and any chance we can get to interact with exotic creatures in their natural habitat, we are all […]

The Pros & Cons of Cruising

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Various cruise lines have been making headlines lately, and mostly for all the wrong reasons. From the Costa Concordia disaster to all the bad press about Carnival cruise ships, it might make some people reconsider cruising on a resort ship for their next vacation.   But the truth is, taking a cruise is a lot like flying. […]

The Windjammer Inn Restaurant Port Stanley

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Its always nice for a change of pace to get away from your home base on weekends. Even grabbing brunch in a neighbouring city or town makes you feel like you had a mini vacation. We are fortunate in London to have picturesque lake shore towns like Bayfield and Port Stanley in such close proximity. This past Sunday we […]

Lunch at Dolcetto Risto

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One of my favorite little treats during the work week is busting out of the office for a quick lunch. And thankfully grabbing a delicious but fast and affordable meal doesn’t have to involve a drive-through window. If you are looking for a great noontime meal in London, you would be hard pressed to find a better option […]