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4 Things Travel Has Taught Me

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One of the top reasons I love to travel is the fact that many of the skills you develop and habits you form while travelling transfer exceptionally well to everyday life. If you’re like me, you have the days of the year where you are on trips, and then you have every other day of […]

Confessions of a Hardcore Sports Fan

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By most people’s standards, I would be considered a hardcore professional sports fan. And while I enjoy following the four major sports leagues, for me – NFL football is my passion. More specifically, indulging my (at times painful) 37 year love affair with the Cincinnati Bengals. And like a bad romance that hurts so bad it […]

Island Creek Oyster Bar Boston

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We had a special evening planned for our final night in Boston. Prior to attending the Battle of the Sox at Fenway, we made reservations at a restaurant known for their outstanding maritime delicacies served on the half-shell. The Island Creek Oyster Bar. Conveniently located a couple short blocks from Fenway Park, it’s a fantastic […]

Deuxave Boston

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There is something about a fine French bistro that really gets my heart pumping. I have always been a big fan of French cooking techniques and some of the signature dishes from various regions of France. And then of course, there’s the wine. So on our recent trip to Boston, near the top of our list of […]

Myers + Chang Boston

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What do you get when you combine a cool and funky diner environment with super creative and tasty Asian inspired dishes? Boston’s own Myers + Chang, that’s what! And when you include friendly and attentive service – you have the makings for a great evening out. Myers + Chang was the first stop on our gastronomical […]