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Top Boston Lunch Spots

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Like many of our fellow travel lovers out there, a big part of building the hype and excitement around visiting a new destination is the pre-trip research. And as devote foodies, planning our restaurants including lunch spots is a serious endeavour. Here are a few of our favorites from our recent visit to Boston. Sam […]

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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As a family that lives and breathes art and design, one of things we always look forward to when visiting big cities is checking out their museums. Spending an afternoon wandering the various exhibitions at a top level museum is both inspirational and educational. On our recent visit to Boston, we stopped by the Museum […]

New England Aquarium Whale Watch

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Being the enormous animal lovers that we are, we absolutely jumped at the chance to venture out on a whale watch expedition on our recent visit to the New England Aquarium. Nothing is more exciting and satisfying to me than having the opportunity to witness some of Earth’s most fascinating (and largest) creatures in their natural habitat. […]

New England Aquarium Boston

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I have mixed feelings about Zoos and attractions that feature animals on display. Having a keen interest in animal welfare, my preference has always been to see animals in their natural habitat rather than in artificial enclosures. However, there are Zoos, and then there are Zoos. The New England Aquarium in Boston is an excellent example of […]

Top Boston Attractions #1

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While hiking in the mountains or snorkelling in the Caribbean have always been favorite travel activities of mine, I also love visiting big cosmopolitan cities. From the museums, art galleries, restaurants and historical landmarks – Boston has to be one of the coolest cities in North America. There is certainly no shortage of activities to keep visitors […]