The Windjammer Inn Restaurant Port Stanley

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Its always nice for a change of pace to get away from your home base on weekends. Even grabbing brunch in a neighbouring city or town makes you feel like you had a mini vacation. We are fortunate in London to have picturesque lake shore towns like Bayfield and Port Stanley in such close proximity. This past Sunday we decided to pay a visit to The Windjammer Inn Restaurant in Port Stanley.


I have always had a thing for quaint little restaurants inside old Victorian homes. I used to be a fixture at Eddington’s way back in the day when we lived the small town lifestyle in Exeter, Ontario. I really like the vibe at the Windjammer Inn Restaurant, especially for breakfast or lunch. Super bright space with local artwork adorning the walls and the sound of Diana Krall or the latest from Jack Johnson softly playing in the background. Very soothing atmosphere.

The food at The Windjammer is focused on sourcing quality organic and sustainable ingredients from their local farm network. Local fish like Perch and Pickerel can be found on the menu along with meats from local farms, artisanal cheeses and hand made breads. In particular, the weekend brunch menu is sure to please.


On this visit, we went with the special – Stuffed French Toast. Crispy golden raisin bread prepared with apple butter and overflowing with glorious brie. Delicious. And on the more savoury side, we ordered the Crepes Neptune filled with scallops, shrimp and crab in a decadently creamy dill cream sauce (loved the look of the watermelon radishes in the side salad) and the Port Stanley Fish Cakes. Fresh Perch and Pickerel has to be one of the tastiest fish around. Super sweet and delicate meat with a nice crispy crust on the cakes. Light but satisfying. Perfect dishes for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

The Windjammer Inn Restaurant in Port Stanley is a great little place to visit for excellent food in a very relaxing environment. And if you need a place to stay, keep in mind that they welcome pets too! The owner’s little terrier Josephine makes a great host! Highly recommended. For now, back to the cage.