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Vacation Planning Tips

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If you’re anything like me, part of the fun of travelling is the planning. From researching vacation spots and attractions, to scoping out that great deal on flights or accommodations – my love for travel is all about the process and not just the destination. And during 25+ years of avid wander lusting, you do […]

Palm Springs Hiking Trails

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When most people think about the desert oasis of Palm Springs, luxury resorts and spectacular golf courses usually come to mind. But what you may not know is that Palm Springs and the surrounding area is also home to some pretty incredible hiking trails. Here is a summary of some of our favorite Palm Springs […]

Che Resto Bar

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There are a few relatively new restaurants in my hometown of London, Ontario that I’ve wanted to check out, but for one reason or another, our paths have yet to cross. One such restaurant serving inspired Latin American cuisine is Che Resto Bar on Dundas Street. Now I guess I’m showing my age a bit […]

Top Palm Springs Restaurants

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There really is a lot to like about Palm Springs. The hip but laid back old Hollywood desert vibe is super easy to fall in love with. Throw in perfect weather, a beautiful landscape and amazing hiking trails along with some outstanding restaurants, and you have an incredible vacation destination. On our recent trip to […]

Top San Diego Restaurants

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One of the things we love most about travel is the opportunity to check out new restaurants and regional cuisine. Some of our vacations have actually been built around the places we wanted to visit for lunch or dinner. Now that’s full-fledged foodie commitment! With San Diego’s close proximity to the ocean and Mexico, we […]