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RA Sushi Bar Restaurant Las Vegas

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For foodies like us, one of the best things about visiting Las Vegas is the restaurant scene. And because of the constant and massive flow of tourists from around the world, the choices pretty much cover the whole gamut of ethnic cuisines at various price ranges and levels of quality and presentation.   The Las […]

Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

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As the name appropriately suggests, Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is an absolutely stunning visual spectacle to behold. The oldest state park in Nevada, the area spans over 42,000 acres and features fantastic red sandstone formations created by shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs.   Located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, this park […]

Hiking Red Rock Canyon Nevada Part II

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In our second blog post covering Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, we will take a look at the Scenic Loop Drive and main access to the park. The one-way loop (14.7 miles round trip, including the highway portion) offers an excellent opportunity for non-hikers to get a great view of Red Rock. There are some very […]

Hiking Red Rock Canyon Nevada Part I

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When you think of Las Vegas Nevada, what words typically come to mind? Gambling? Entertainment? Partying? Debauchery? 24 hour marriages? How about hiking paradise? Red Rock Canyon certainly fits the bill.   Often taking a back seat to its flashier reputation for over-the-top indulgence and extreme extravagance, Las Vegas also offers some of the most beautiful […]

Las Vegas Travel Tips

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Who’s kidding who – the big draw for Las Vegas Nevada is the gaming resorts, restaurants, shopping, Broadway calibre shows and after hours night clubs. But did you know the self-described Entertainment Capital of the World is also an outstanding destination for more health conscious outdoor enthusiasts too? The marketing and advertising for Sin City has […]