Top Boston Attractions #1

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While hiking in the mountains or snorkelling in the Caribbean have always been favorite travel activities of mine, I also love visiting big cosmopolitan cities. From the museums, art galleries, restaurants and historical landmarks – Boston has to be one of the coolest cities in North America.

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There is certainly no shortage of activities to keep visitors entertained in Beantown. On our recent visit, we crammed in a considerable amount of memorable experiences during our week long stay. In no particular order, I will cover some of the more outstanding features and attractions to include on your itinerary when visiting Boston.

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My first reason for wanting to visit Boston is the city itself. The contrast between sky scrapers and modern architecture seem to blend seamlessly with cobblestone streets and 19th century homes and buildings. Boston has done an excellent job of preserving its heritage while providing all the high-end and modern ammenities that you would expect from a large city.

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Nicknamed America’s Walking City, there is something interesting and sometimes surprising around every corner. From lush sprawling parks and gardens in the middle of busy financial districts to historic 19th century graveyards in the downtown core, you could spend days casually strolling around the city and never get bored.

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And Boston is a photographer’s dream. The architecture and historic landmarks are both stunning and plentiful. I have always felt every city has its own distinct vibe and personality, but Boston seems to fluctuate between two. Walk down one street, and you feel like you are in any number of large urban downtown cores. But turn a corner, and you are immediately transported back 200 years.

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The deep history and Americana charm is absolutely palpable. It really amazed me how well maintained and artfully restored the homes and buildings are in Boston. The experience of strolling through historic districts along the Freedom Trail, Beacon Hill, The North End and Newbury Street is worth the trip alone.

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Then throw Boston Harbor, Fenway Park, the museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops in the mix and you have the makings for one unbelievable trip. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Stay tuned for more amazing Boston attractions along with reviews for some of the best restaurants we have ever visited.

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One final item I would like to mention. Only four months removed from the horrific terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon, I wondered what the mood of the city would be on our visit. I’m happy to say the phrase “Boston Strong” is on full display. I found the city and its people to be extremely warm, welcoming and friendly. While I’m sure the dispicable act will never be forgotten, Boston has shown the world that even in the face of evil, they will not live in fear or alter their zest and love for life. For now, back to the cage.

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