Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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Museum of Fine Arts Boston

As a family that lives and breathes art and design, one of things we always look forward to when visiting big cities is checking out their museums. Spending an afternoon wandering the various exhibitions at a top level museum is both inspirational and educational. On our recent visit to Boston, we stopped by the Museum of Fine Arts.

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Located on Huntington Avenue, the Museum of Fine Arts features four spectacular levels showcasing nearly 450,000 works of art. We loved the breadth of their collection, from ancient Egyptian, to Old World Masters, to contemporary creations – there is something to appeal to a wide variety of artistic palates.

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Nothing stimulates creativity like spending a few hours soaking in such an expansive array of art types and styles spanning centuries from across the globe. The Museum of Fine Arts clearly demonstrates humanity’s need to create and express feelings, emotions and ideas through art.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston 7Museum of Fine Arts Boston 8Museum of Fine Arts Boston 9Museum of Fine Arts Boston 10

Museum of FIne Arts Boston 11Museum of Fine Arts Boston 12Seeing classic artwork in books or online just doesn’t do it justice. When you can see up close the brush strokes on a canvas or the flawless curves deftly created by a sculptor’s chisel, that’s when you can truly appreciate their incredible skill and technique. Definitely check out the Museum of Fine Arts on your next trip to Boston.

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And speaking of fine arts, just want to send a shout out to our friends at 4Cats Arts Studio in Byron. Our daughter recently had one of the best birthday parties ever, creating a Jackson Pollockesque splatter painting at their studio with a little help from her friends.

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The masterpiece is now proudly hanging over her bed. It might be time to change up her current princess bedding to something a little more stylish and contemporary. Where do the years go! For now, back to the cage.

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