Google Maps Does Grand Canyon

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Without a doubt, one of our favorite trips of 2012 was hiking the Grand Canyon. Words alone cannot do adequate justice to describe the awe-inspiring experience of seeing this Natural Wonder of the World in person. But now, thanks to Google Maps, you will be able to get a “street view” of this amazing destination. Outfitted […]

Ottawa Rocks!

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Ottawa has to be one of the best cities to visit in all of Canada. Whether on business or taking a family vacation, there is so much to see and do. And if you can manage to schedule your visit to coincide with Canada Day weekend, you will experience one of the most fun and […]

Travel Tip #1 – Timing is Everything

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We talk about travel a lot on this blog. Whether for business or pleasure, we have learned a great deal concerning what makes for a stress-free travel experience. But even knowing the ins and outs, you can still get that proverbial wake up call when life throws you a curve. Case in point, our recent experience […]