Google Maps Does Grand Canyon

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Without a doubt, one of our favorite trips of 2012 was hiking the Grand Canyon. Words alone cannot do adequate justice to describe the awe-inspiring experience of seeing this Natural Wonder of the World in person. But now, thanks to Google Maps, you will be able to get a “street view” of this amazing destination.

Outfitted with their “Trekker” system (a backpack with a Google camera on top) – the Google Street View team has hiked through the Grand Canyon to give arm-chair travellers a panoramic view like never before. To effectively capture all the unique rugged terrain and narrow ridges and soaring peaks, the team had to traverse the majestic landmark on foot. Controlled with an Android phone, the Trekker backpacks automatically took photographs of the Canyon throughout their journey. Pretty good gig if you can get it. Sign me up for Google Maps Does the Amazon Jungle. For now, back to the cage.