Twitter Spawns Sports Fan’s Dream Week

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I was pretty blown away when I read about Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown connecting with a fan via Twitter, and then proceeding to basically spend the entire week with the guy hitting bars and restaurants, working out and attending charity events together. As a big sports fan myself, that would be a pretty incredible experience to get to hang out with one of my professional sports idols for the better part of a week. I’m not one to be awe-struck by celebrity, but getting one-on-one access to anyone, be it a professional athlete, movie star, or Fortune 500 CEO would provide such a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into a world very few of us ever get to see up close and personal.


It once again illustrates the power of Social Media. A few tweets and the next thing you know, a professional sports celebrity and an average joe are hanging out together. What an incredible public relations opportunity for the NFL.  I’m sure the NFL and other professional sports organizations spend millions to run “meet your sports hero” contests and various P.R. campaigns. Positive press like this is invaluable. And what a boost to the already very popular Twitter Social Media network. With this news, I can just see Twitter exploading with offers from die-hard fans to hang out with super stars from around the world. I mean, you never know, right? For now, back to the cage.