Organic Works Bakery London

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I had the pleasure of grabbing lunch for the first time at Organic Works Bakery the other day. Located on Wellington Street near Horton, this trendy bakery and cafe specializes in recipes made with organic, gluten free, nut free and vegan ingredients. Offering items like fresh soups, sandwiches and pizzas to dine-in or take-away, Organic Works fills a much needed niche in the London food scene.

First, let me tell you about my philosophy on sandwiches. To me, its the perfect food. When you look at the various bread choices, meats, cheeses, vegetables and spreads available, you could literally eat a different sandwich every day of the year. And then throw in the mix toasted vs non-toasted, and alternative cooking methods like panini press and the french toast approach…fuhgettaboutit. The variations are mind-boggling. So I really like the process for ordering your food at Organic Works.


If you decide to go the sandwich route, you approach the counter and feast your eyes on an interesting list of breads, fillers and spreads. From buckwheat, brown rice and quinoa and honey breads, you can then customize your ingredients with items like fresh local turkey, roasted vegetables, micro mix sprouts, artichoke hearts and perhaps garlic mayo, hummus or avocado as your spread. And Vegans out there have lots of choices too. Try the “un-tuna” salad made with organic chickpeas, or the “eggless egg salad” made with organic tofu. All ingredients are focused on organic and local products, which is something everyone can feel good about – both physically and physiologically speaking.

I loved the funky and artsy dining area at Organic Works. Very bright with great artwork and eclectic touches like reclaimed vintage windows and doors accenting the walls. On this visit, we tried a soup, salad, sandwich and the pizza of the day. All dishes were super fresh and tasty. In particular, I absolutely loved the buckwheat bread. Super flavourful with great texture. Its beyond me why anyone would ever eat plain old white bread again! Delicious and nutritious! The carrot and dill soup was very fresh and bright tasting and I’m sure the pizza will prove to be a very popular item on the menu as well.

In addition to the fresh made dishes, Organic Works also features a large retail section well stocked with various organic and glutten-free baking products, condiments and finished goods. And I have to make mention of the really interesting beverages offered in their refrigerated section. I was in the mood for green tea that day, and the following “Kombucha” drink caught my eye. Our family tends to eat very clean and organic, local and vegan dishes as much as possible. But I can’t claim to be an expert on the subject. I just saw the words “multi-green” on the label and thought, that’s good enough for me!

When I placed the bottle on the counter for purchase, the server asked if I had ever tried this drink before. When I said no, I was informed the drink is an acquired taste and some people are put off by the smell of it. I just had to try it after that ringing endorsement – and I’m glad I did. Lucky for me, it had an almost beer-like taste, but the tart and buzzy flavour punch really knocked my socks off. And it did grow on me too. My initial small sips turned into big gulps and I could almost feel the energy and vitality coursing through my body! Might have been placebo effect, but I felt pretty darn good after that drink. Not sure if it was the kombucha culture, Klamath Mountain blue-green algae, or the spirulina or chlorella, but that stuff gives you a clean and natural jolt.


Overall, it was a fun and tasty first experience at Organic Works Bakery. Always nice to support local businesses while doing something good for your body and soul. Highly recommended! For now, back to the cage.