Las Vegas Travel Tips

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Who’s kidding who – the big draw for Las Vegas Nevada is the gaming resorts, restaurants, shopping, Broadway calibre shows and after hours night clubs. But did you know the self-described Entertainment Capital of the World is also an outstanding destination for more health conscious outdoor enthusiasts too?

The marketing and advertising for Sin City has always been firmly focused on living large and the hard partying lifestyle. With the slogan, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, it may lead some people to think that the city doesn’t have a lot of activities to offer families or people looking for a more relaxing getaway to re-charge, re-energize and connect with nature. To the contrary, visiting Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily mean you need to return home with fuzzy memories, being several pounds heavier and considerably lighter in the wallet.

As mentioned in previous posts, we try to include at the center of all our travels, some sort of outdoor physical activity. Whether its snorkeling, skiing or hiking, there’s no better way to explore the unique natural elements of a particular destination, and getting in a little exercise is a nice dividend too.

On this visit to Nevada, we decided to explore the dramatic and abundant hiking trails available in and around the city of Las Vegas. And having had our share of amazing (but expensive) meals at some of the top restaurants on the strip during our last visit, we decided to seek out more hidden (and affordable) gastronomical gems that Las Vegas and surrounding areas have to offer.

And it wouldn’t be a proper visit to Vegas without catching a show or two – so stay tuned for future posts to discover some of the less heralded, but decidedly healthier attractions and activities that maybe you didn’t know existed in Lost Wages. You’ll be glad you did. For now, back to the cage.