Johnny Depp, I Am Not

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Why do I always get a bit nervous when I’m going through customs at the airport or crossing the border? I would be the last person to try and smuggle contraband or even try to sneak through purchases to avoid paying duty.  Remember that scene from Blow where Johnny Depp is gliding through airport customs transporting several kilos of coke? Well – that’s not me. My pulse rate starts to pick up a bit even knowing that I have nothing to hide. Maybe watching Midnight Express too many times has something to do with it.


Here I am getting searched at the Samama D.R. airport.  I have to say that although small, the Samana airport is one of the cleanest airports that I’ve been through in the Caribbean. The people are friendly and efficient too (the polar opposite of the Puerto Rico airport). This is me on the way home back to Canada – my wife gave me a hard time for having such a neatly packed suitcase of dirty clothes. You just never know when you will be searched, right? Note the ubiquitous Bengals t-shirt. Go Bengals! For now, back to the cage.