Grenada Travel

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On a recent Southern Caribbean cruise, we had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful island paradise of Grenada. Although we only were able to spend the day there, we were so impressed that we will be making plans to re-visit this island in the future for a longer stay.

Starting with the stunning and lively port that features colourful homes and buildings adorning the hillside, right away you feel like you are visiting a very special place. The whole island is bursting with colour everywhere you look as numerous varieties of flowers are in abundance. While on tour our guide mentioned that Grenada typically cleans up at world flower competitions, and from what we saw, that is no surprise!

We also visited a number of outstanding beaches and tourist spots during our stay. Having visited numerous beaches throughout the Caribbean, Grenada is right up there near the top of the list. Soft white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. Fun for frolicking in the surf and the snorkeling is great too.

And finally, the one thing that really stood out in our minds was how friendly the locals were. We always felt very safe and all the people we met were helpful and seemed really proud of their wonderful island. We can’t wait to return and spend some quality time on this incredible island paradise. For now, back to the cage.