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The next stop on our tour of Cincinnati’s finest eateries was Via Vite Italian restaurant. I came across this place after some research on the web (love their logo and website). The restaurant is owned and operated by the same folks that run Nicola’s Ristorante Italiano – one of Cinci’s most highly rated foodie destinations. Via Vite is billed as the more casual version of Nicola’s. Since we were travelling with our 5 year old daughter, we didn’t want to go to anything too upscale. She is very well behaved and is used to eating out a lot, but kids will be kids, and sometimes super high-end eateries are not the best choice for us.


To start, the building, decor and location of Via Vite is primo!  Located right in Fountain Square, most tables have a pretty good view looking over the fountain and the bustling foot traffic. The menu is not too extensive which we actually prefer – too many choices means that I linger for far too long before making my selection. And then I’m always devastated when I pick something that is less than outstanding. So we went with some old standbys – beef short ribs and spinach and ricotta ravioli with shaved black truffle as our main courses. Both dishes were really outstanding.


But what we were most excited about was the wood fired pizzas that everyone raves about. We were not disappointed. Pizza to me is like sex – even when it’s kinda bad, it’s still kinda good. But no worries there – the pizza at Via Vite has to be one of my all time favourite pies! Thin bubbled and crispy crust, excellent qulaity cheese and sauce and interesting toppings to chose from. We went with spicy sausage and caramelized onions. Super tasty! Service was brisk but attentive and the place is was packed and lively. Definitely a place to stop when visiting Cincinnati.  Solid wine list too.


As mentioned, I love their branding and online presence too. The website does a nice job of capturing the look and feel of the restaurant. The vibe is decidedly Italian, but with a more hip, modern and stylish twist.  Not unlike their food and restaurant decor. We will certianly be back. For now, back to the cage.