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Claiming to be “the world’s greatest hot sandwich” is a pretty bold statement. So as a sandwich aficionado, I just had to try Earl Of Sandwich during our visit to Downtown Disney on our recent tour through Orlando. To me, a good sandwich is the perfect meal. You have your bread, your meat, your vegetables, your cheese, a tasty spread – and you can hold it all in one hand! And with the numerous variations available for breads and the ingredients mentioned, you could literally eat a new sandwich every day for the rest of your life. Now that’s a pretty dynamic dish.

We could tell right away that this place was very popular. The line at the counter for lunch was several rows wide and several rows deep. Nothing like letting your appetite build while you wait. We decided to order the Original 1762 sandwich featuring freshly roasted beef, sharp cheddar and creamy horseradish sauce and the Earl’s Club, with roasted turkey, smoked bacon, aged Swiss, lettuce, Roma tomatoes and Earl’s sandwich sauce. I have to say, its a pretty strong sandwich.


The bread is nice and crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. And the meat, cheese and vegetables are fresh and very tasty. Unfortunately, like most fast food type restaurants, the sandwich you receive is not as perfect and loaded as shown in the pictures. But the quality and taste is there. I also love the logo, branding and packaging, with the foil deli wrap and stylish little tote bags. The Earl Of Sandwich makes for a nice little lunch spot. Worth checking out. For now, back to the cage.