Hiking Sedona

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It really is hard to top the shock and awe factor you get when hiking in the Grand Canyon. But for sheer variety of available hiking trails and the abundance of beautiful scenery, Sedona, Arizona is in a class all its own. Known for their famous red rocked landscapes, Sedona offers so many different hiking trails […]

Fossilized Remains or Strange Rocks?

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I have mentioned in previous posts that from an early age, I have always had a fascination with the paranormal, UFOs and things like ancient artifacts. So when we are on our various hikes around the world, I tend to keep my eye out for anything unusual. On this occasion (I must be rubbing off) – it was […]

Digital Art: David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers

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We had the pleasure last month of visiting the Royal Ontario Museum and took in David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers exhibit. Widely considered one of Britain’s most influential artists of the twentieth century, Fresh Flowers was his first major show held in Canada in over two decades. This cutting-edge exhibit at the Institute for Contemporary Culture […]