Alternative Travel Posters

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I don’t know what it is exactly about this time of the year, but I am absolutely itching to take a trip. We finally came up for air after an extremely hectic few months and like a slap in the face from a jilted lover, we are greeted by the bone-chilling days of late fall. Hardly the reward we had in mind. Flipping through travel magazines and vacation websites could provide a much needed, albeit brief mental escape.


But just in case a trip to the sunny south isn’t exciting enough for you, Los Angeles-based graphic artist and web designer Fernando Reza has created a series of alternative travel posters featuring some mythical monsters to spice up your vacation. These cool retro-style illustrations showcase several beasts of urban legends as the big draw for these travel destinations. Looks like fun, but the sights and sounds of surf, sand and sunshine seem a bit more appealing. For now, back to the cage.